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  1. All Cheker v3.7 How to work: Add list and Proxy and check @sites and start.
  2. GrabIT Cracked FIX 2.0 How to work: Check Image.
  3. Project1 Pastebin 1.1 How to work: Add @gmai.com @hotmail.com @yahoo.com @yanex.com @mail.ru in textbox and go Start.
  4. morCrawler 0.4.1 (Maker Combo User:pass and Email:pass) How to work: Add ursl in .txt and go start.
  5. AllGrabber by mishar cracked by [#PCR#] How to work: Add Keyworlds, check all site and go start.
  6. Uplay Brute Checker by Purlex v1.0.1 Work: Email:Pass.
  7. RGSC BruteForce&Checker Work: Email:pass and User:pass.
  8. Origin by wander v1.2 Work: Email:pass and User:pass.
  9. SBC_by Aniel Cracked by ilia01 (Bruteforce and Checker) Work: User:pass. list.
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