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    Exchange Server Migration Tool

    If you migrate your data to Office 365 cloud, you can gain in the business productivity as you can have the permission to access to various tools and applications. These offers 99.9% up time guarantee, so your business will be stable . It will be cost effective one. No need to worry about security and compliance as Microsoft follows ISO 27018 which concentrates on providing protection of data in the cloud. You can get the immediate updates of advanced features. Migrate your data to Office 365 using EdbMails Exchange migration tool : If your migration task to be performed hassle free , just subscribe to EdbMails Exchange migration tool which will offer you the bundle of features for the smooth migration. Visit : https://www.edbmails.com/pages/exchange-migration.html
  2. Edbmails Exchange Migration tool ensures the full security and safety for your migration process. All your source and target credentials are securely encrypted. You can perform risk free Exchange migration form one Exchange server to another Exchange server and to Office 365 server with full confidence on security and safety. Visit : https://www.edbmails.com/pages/exchange-migration.html
  3. Andrewpaul234

    Migration to Office 365

    Many organizations are going for office 365 migration as it is cost effective when compared to traditional license and it has lot of advanced features. Now Lets understand what needs to be taken care before going for actual migration process. Proper License Selection Before selecting any license users need to understand what features they need and what features they will have access to. And they should never neglect their future requirements as well. Outlook upgradation before migrating Upgrading outlook before migration is needed as office 365 uses outlook 2013 or 2016. And also the end users will be comfortable using these versions and it will be stress free aftre migration. Finding large mailboxes and reducing size While performing migration large mailboxes require more time which may lead to risk of problems at the end. Not Concentrating on required time for migration We should not neglect the amount of time required for migration. To have smooth and successful migration it’s very necessary to set enough time for any downtime and any break during the process. Evaluating the quality and current connectivity utilization Internet connection is about to become pillar of your email connectivity. Slow or Overloaded internet connection may drive users mad so we need to take care of all the things. If the organization doesn't have the proper internet connection they may lose their mails. We need to remember that while migration it doesn't only need attention to the technical issues but it also needs attention to the organization issues. for the migration process to go smoothly we need to concentrate on both the things. To have a smooth and easy migration process you can go for third party tool called EdbMails Office 365 Migration software which does your work flawlessly. To know more please visit: https://www.edbmails.com/pages/office-365-migration-features.html
  4. Andrewpaul234

    Best Office 365 email signature

    An Email signature serves as a brand ambassador for your whole organization. It takes a large part in company branding, marketing, new product promotions. Best Office 365 email signature Solution : Sigsync is the simple and highly demanded Email Signature tool for Office 365 / Exchange server user that helps to create an individual as well as company email signature which is a form of branding . You can select different templates to create an Email signature and customize the details as you need and send it to particular users by setting rules. Visit : https ://www.sigsync.com
  5. Managing employee email signatures company wide can be bit complex one, resulting poor brand consistency. Sigsync Office 365 Email signature provides an easy way to create company wide Email signature . It is the simplest tool as its easy to use GUI. Select any professional templates and modify the design as per your requirement. Visit : https://www.sigsync.com